About us

We love our planet, and like a lot of people, we have been trying to do more to help cut down on the massive impact our throw away culture is having.  We have been making small changes such as getting milk delivered in glass bottles, buying a butter dish to store blocks of butter and using soap dishes to hold naked bars of soap.  We also like to buy locally sourced produce and we shop in local shops to support the high street using my own containers, where possible. 

I wanted to do something more to help save our planet so I decided to leave my job as a chartered accountant and dedicate my time to open a zero waste store locally to help others to make these small changes.

In store we have over 60 large dispensers and 16 large scoop bins filled with every day products such as pasta, rice, flour, cereals, snacks, pulses, beans and baking goods.

We also have a vegan sweetie & traditional Scottish sweetie shop, herbs, spices, oils, ciders, vinegars', laundry detergents, cleaning products and personal grooming products! 

We encourage you to bring your own containers to take the produce you need but we do have paper bags for you to fill as well.  If you do bring containers the process is very straight forward:

  • Step one - pop you container on the scale and select the option 'I have an empty container to weigh' then press print.  At this point the scale prints a sticker label with a bar code that has the weight of your container.
  • Step two - go fill your container with what you would like to buy.  We are on hand to help you but its very easy!
  • Step three - pop your container back on the scale and select the option 'I have a filled container to weigh'.  The scale will prompt you to scan your label from step one.  This minuses off the weight of your container so you are just paying for the weight if the goods you are buying. Once you have scanned your label a list of products will appear on screen, set up in categories such as nuts, pulses and grains.  Then you select what you are buying and press print.  The scale gives you a second label that states what you have bought, the weight of what you bought and the price.  This is the label I scan when you come to the till to pay.

Other products for sale to help you to reduce waste include soap dishes,  reusable sanitary products, bamboo toothbrushes and reusable bags along with many other products. 

We support local business where we can including the Black Cat Soap company from Kirriemuir, Leaf Natural food wraps from Markinch, Sacred Grounds coffee beans from Arbroath and a number of other independent retailers.

Not only do we sell products to help reduce waste we will be running workshops in the space to promote reducing waste.  Up-coming workshops will include make your own beeswax wraps, basic repairs and alterations to clothes and basic household repairs, ideas to up-cycle furniture and we will be hosting events such as bag and shoes swaps to reduce waste within fashion. 

If you have any ideas or would like to host a workshop we would love to hear from you.

We also encourage groups to come in store to learn about what we do.  So far we have been lucky enough to have a group of girl guides come to see us, which helped them achieve one of their badges!

We are a zero waste retail shop open in the heart of Broughty Ferry, a suburb of Dundee situated only 5 miles from the city of Dundee.  Broughty Ferry is a great place to shop as there are lots of independent retailers and cafes and you can do probably most of your shopping here - shops include a green grocer, bakers, cheese shop, wine merchant, fish shop, butchers, ice cream shops, hairdressers and lots of unique gift shops and a large selection of cafes and pubs to chill out after your shopping!